4 years of college life has passed and a journey of lifetime has come to an end. Its impossible to forget the moments that I lived in the past 4 years but like it is said that life moves on, its time to get over college life and step in a new life where we are known as Software Engineers and have to live a professional life. Being a member of IIIT-Delhi family, I was lucky enough to learn new things and at the end, get a good job for starting.

As my first job, I decided to join Eko India Financial Services Private Limited, which is a startup company founded in 2007, and aims to give everyone a bank account and increase the reach of financial institutions to the un-banked and to democratize financial services for the un-banked in urban as well as rural areas. Getting in a job is like starting a new life all together, you don’t have freedom like college / hostel, you have much more expectations and the thing which is popular in most I.T companies, ‘Continuous Grilling’.

I had worked with Eko India as an intern for more than 8 months so I know many people here, plus the development team is pretty small sized as compared to big companies so I had the chance of working and interacting with almost everyone here. Till now, I had lived the life of an intern in this company, which is chilled and relaxed, much more freedom and relaxation but entering in Eko as an employee will be a totally new experience. The expected behavior will be a bit more formal, sincere and grownup. I have to be more formal with my clothing, not like the cool look that I used to have earlier.

7th June, the day which was chosen by me as my joining date, started with a small surprise. My office is in Greater Kailash, which is almost 1 hour 45 min ride from my place, and just before I was about to leave from home, a knock at the door says that a driver has come from my office and I am supposed to go by car today. It felt very good after getting a warm greeting from Eko on the very first day, but it didn’t end here. There were still little surprises to come.

The journey started from my home and the destination was set. On the way to office, I interacted with my driver and tried to learn the route to Eko in case if I decide of coming there by my own vehicle in future. Surprisingly, the road to GK is not that difficult and I could recall the way back home at once. I reached well before time, even before my boss.

After a wait of 10 minutes, the first known person came,the HR of Eko India, who welcomed me and congratulated for being a member of Eko family now. I got a coffee, like I used to get every time I came to Eko but this coffee was a bit different. It was in a cup that says, ‘Welcome to Eko’ and had two of my pictures on that, and the 1st thing that she said to me while I was having coffee was, ‘Glad that you had your profile pictures on facebook were open, which made it easy for us to get your pictures.’ .. 🙂 🙂

After having coffee, usual chit chat begin in the company and I got to know a new policy of Eko. The policy says, on 1st day you will be asked about your hobbies and things which you are good at, and it is mandatory for you to make everyone learn that else you will not get any appraisal. Don’t know its my good luck or bad luck but I mentioned in my HR interview that I dance and I performed salsa dance last year, and here I am, with the duty to teach salsa to everyone in the near future…

The afternoon passed on with some introduction and more chit chat, and soon was the time for lunch and another surprise. It was my induction lunch and the venue was Mainland China. It was just 10 minutes ride and we reached there in no time. It was my first experience with Mainland China and I must say, its ambience is simply awesome. You fall in love with the music and the atmosphere, so relaxed and so calm, and when it comes to food, it is simply YUMMY .. 😀 😀 My love for Chinese food has definitely risen after having amazing buffet there. Starters, main course and deserts, each and everything there was worth a try.

Well, this was the fun part of the day and I myself was bit surprised that what a first day it is, no talks about work and no discussion about anything I will be doing, and then came a simple line that gave me a hint of how it will be for me in Eko. The line was: ‘Ye humari trick hai, 1st day aisa show karo jaise you are having the best time, but all I want to say to you is, kal hum tumhe batayenge ki kaam karna asli main hota kya hai’ … 🙂 🙂

Just got back from lunch and what all is left for today is formalities. Overall, a nice day as far as fun is concerned but this day marks the start of my professional life, and for work, will have to wait till tomorrow. Lets see what new experience my first job will give me, but I seriously pray that it grills me to take the best out of me…